Career Coaching Process

Choose which area you are thinking about exploring. Think about where you are right now in your life. Now think about where you would like to go. Imagine it in your mind. What does this future look like, what does it feel like, what does it smell like and taste like. Now ask yourself one simple question: what is preventing me from achieving this? This is a simple way of explaining the process. There are various tests that I may ask you to do. These are to find out where your interests lie, what values do you ascribe to and what are your personal strengths.

We meet once every two weeks. (This can be done in person, or over skype or G+.) There will be times when you will have to do some homework between sessions. The reason for this is to keep the momentum going between sessions. Also to give you time to give careful consideration to the areas we are working on.

    • We start off by examining what your goal or goals are.
    • Then we check to see that they are based in reality and not just wishful thinking.
    • We look at the opportunities that are available for you to achieve your goal.
    • We schedule the what, when, how and who of the goal.
    • Finally we set time frames that suit you, your lifestyle and your goal.

Where it is in your best interests I will assist you, by helping you with tasks that will further your goal; for example assistance with compiling your CV, guiding you in a web based search for employment and interview techniques amongst other things.

Let me help you Engineer the Future you WANT. Instead of waiting for the future to happen to you.


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How would you know that the Coaching is working for you?

We will have a mid-contract check in. This will ensure that we are still on track with your goals. At the end of each session we will review what insights or thoughts you gained during the session.

When does it end?

We contract for a specific number of sessions. We can re-negotiate to increase the number of sessions.

How does it end?

At the final session we will review what you have gained from the coaching process and also review what you would have liked to have been different

Will your discussions be confidential?

The sessions are always kept confidential between the two of us. If someone else is paying for the coaching sessions, they may require a report. This will only be given to them once you and I have discussed this and come to an agreement on what may and may not be included.


If you feel that you are not benefitting from coaching, what then?
We both have a right to terminate the contract at any point, the only condition being that we have a final session to discuss the reasons for the termination.



Which best describes

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