*Names have been changed.


I started my journey with Elaine in 2011 as a divorced, broken and confused woman with assumingly no direction for my life. What I liked and appreciated was the upfront honesty and openness of Elaine when she said that I am going to find the answers to the questions that I have on my own. Now that was a challenge for me. It meant that I would have to dig deep into me, the real me that was hiding from the world.

I knew that I was a strong person but with Elaine’s support through this journey of self-discovery, I realised how strong I really am. During every session the pieces of my life started to find their perfect fit. My level of confidence has increased and I am not scared to express myself anymore. I feel good about myself and at peace with situations and challenges that came across my journey.

Elaine has taught me that small steps are the key to reaching your dream. During our sessions I have also learnt the importance of goal-setting and writing them down on paper. The reality of your dream kicks in when you have to actually put in on paper and make it visible to see it daily, my own psychological contract. That is how I look at it.

I went to Elaine as a seed and was planted in her fertile coaching garden. Today, I can say proudly that I have evolved from a rose bud to a beautiful rose as a result of our sessions and her awesome support. I would highly recommend Elaine as a Life Coach because she has given me the edge to step into my purpose and calling.

Thank you for what you have done for me Elaine, from the bottom of my heart.




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