First Job

Most people have to go through the nerve wracking pains of our first job. The questions that are often asked are:

  • Where do I look for a job?
  • How do I apply?
  • What should my CV look like?
  • What will they ask me in an interview?
  • May I ask questions in the interview?
  • When I get the job, then what?
  • Should I get someone I know to read through the employment contract for me?
  • What I if I make a mistake in my job?

This process is a very emotional one as you will be both excited and anxious. From compiling your CV, to searching for work that match your skills and experience, to the interview and finally to walking through that door on your first day. You know that you have something unique and valuable to offer a company, you only need someone to give you that opportunity. There will be some companies that do not even reject your application, but just put something like the following in the advert:

Those candidates who have not heard from the company within two weeks of the closing date may take it that their application has been unsuccessful.

There may be those positions where you are invited to an interview and are unsuccessful. Finally you may be in a very fortunate position where more than one company offers you the position and you have a difficult decision to make. These are all possible scenarios of what you may experience, however, if you persevere and keep calm, you will be offered the right job for you.

Everyone who has had a job has gone through first day jitters, first week, first month or even first 3 month jitters. This is because you will be out of your normal environment and you may not know anyone that you are working with. It is almost like the first day in primary or high school. The routine is unfamiliar, the people are all strangers and there is a lot to learn and become quickly proficient.

Throughout this process the people who are able to assist you, beyond your friends and family will be recruitment agencies and career coaches.

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