Final Note

Why the dragonfly?

Dragonflies have been welcomed in the garden for years since they are carnivores and feast on garden pests such as mosquitoes, flies, gnats and aphids, thus making them beneficial insects. An interesting fact about dragonflies is that most need light in order to fly and will land briefly even if a cloud goes by. The dragonfly exhibits iridescence on its body and both wings. Iridescence is the ability of colours to change based on the reflection and refraction of light which puts on a show of colour magic as they fly through the air.

In most cultures dragonflies are followed with many superstitions. The dragonfly symbolizes growing, changing and sense of self. Some people believe that the dragonfly symbolizes emotional and passionate early years of life and balance and clarity with age. There is an expression of mental and emotional stability as one matures. Dragonfly symbolism combines somewhat with that of a butterfly and change. The iridescence or reflective property of the wings and body symbolizes a clear vision to the realities of life and self-discovery and a loss of inhibitions. The dragonfly symbolizes growth over past self-created illusions that hold back our progression. It represents a sense of self that comes with age and maturity and clarity of the deeper meaning of life.Lee @ A Guide To Northeastern Gardening.



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