Mid-life Transition

There is the mistaken belief that people, especially men, go through a mid-life crisis during their 40's. This is not true for everyone. We all experience a change in our lives in our mid-forties. The psychologist Erik Erikson called this stage in our lives "stagnation vs generation". This is where we have children or nurture our children further or look at what our legacy will be. This is where many of us begin to evaluate our lives so far, realise that we are past the Biblical half-way point of 35 years and we want to know that our existence will have had an impact on the world.

The mid-life transition starts where: we decide to let go of old ways of being and make peace with what we will not achieve in our lifetime. This is an opportunity to look for new learning experiences and challenges. There will be a time where you may feel uncomfortable as you grieve the loss of your old way of thinking. You will then move into no-mans land, where you are in the process of letting go but you are not integrated into your new life. The final stage is your new beginning. This is where you are very comfortable with your new life direction.

This whole process is can be both daunting and exciting. You can chose to embrace the process or resist the process. What will make it easier for you is your approach. Remember, it is not a crisis, as a crisis is defined by the dictionary as: an unstable situation of extreme danger or difficulty (online dictionary).

At this point in your life, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Am I completely satisfied with where I am in my life right now?
  • If not, what would I like to see different?
  • How will this affect my family and friends?
  • How will these changes bring joy to my life?

If you feel out of sorts and confused it is best that you find someone to discuss it with, a trusted friend or family member who will be understanding. If that is not possible, seek out a counsellor or career coach.


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