For those of you feel that the time has come to move up the corporate ladder, there are questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Is there a vacancy within your department?
  • Do you have the necessary skills to do the job?
  • Do you have the necessary academic qualifications for the position?
  • If you have to manage people, how are your people management skills?
  • Are you doing it for the right reasons, that is to grow your experience within the business, or is it because of the better salary?
  • Will you be the only one applying for the job?

If you are not the only candidate, how will you feel if:

  • Someone else is successful and you have to report to them?
  • You are successful and they are resentful of your success?

Once you have been promoted, not only will you have to get used to the different work responsibilities but also managing the staff who will be reporting to you. For some of those people, it will be difficult for them to accept your new role as they will still see you as their peer. There may be some resentment that you were promoted over other candidates. These are very real and possible concerns and you need to find a way to handle them in a professional manner. This will mean that for a while you may have to keep your distance from your work mates and not go out socialising with them after work. The initial discomfort will pass if you are well prepared and then your sole responsibility will be to ensure that your department/division/section runs smoothly and efficiently.

To assist you through this process find someone within the company who would mentor you or if that is not possible, a trusted person outside of the company. Failing that, seek out the services of a life coach who specialises in careers.

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